"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kenny on our lyric video. He was very easy to communicate with and he really went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with all of the details. Professional quality and excellent value. We will be working with him again!"
- Matt
Radio Hate, Sheboygan WI

“Pimpy K made our lyric video and exceeded our expectations in every way, creating an impeccably paced, visually dynamic video that perfectly captures the tone and aesthetic of GHOSTBLOOD. Needless to say, we shan't be decapitating and consuming Pimpy K any time soon (no promises for the rest of you humans, though).”
Ghostblood, Seattle WA

"Kenny and the PMVN crew could have just given us the most basic option for what we could afford. Instead, they gave us a fully-realized vision in a lyric video that immediately connected with our album art and themes. I can honestly say they truly leave no creative stone unturned. We at The Helvetica Effect highly recommend them, and we will be looking to them for our future digital design projects."
-Rob Perez
Helvetica Effect, FT Walton FL

“PMVN Media is truly Genius in the arena of Motion & Graphic Design. They are awesome to work with and can truly understand your concepts and ideas and bring them to life. Very communicative throughout the entire projects process. PMVN Media handles my projects like it’s there own work, and every project they’ve done for me has blown my mind and far exceeded my expectations.”
-Sean Tamman
Loc Saint Music, Bellingham WA

“I didn't really know what I wanted in a lyric video, just that I wanted one. As always, though, I knew what I didn't want and PMVN was incredibly understanding and listened to how I felt. I had asked a few people about pricing and compared their work to their prices and having seen PMVN’s work, they made the most sense. Do your research. You'll wind up with these guys.”
The Beat Dolls, Austin TX

"We were very pleased and completely satisfied with PMVN! We had some ideas of what we wanted but nothing really solidified. We told em the direction we wanted to go and they knocked it out of the park. They were very easy to work with and really took the time to make sure we were happy. Our go to guys for now on when it comes to lyric videos!"
Breaking the Machine

Tallahassee, FL

"Kenny Stanger’s videos are top shelf and great priced with always growing evolutions. With quality that makes the viewer’s head turn around, you also get a quick turn around. His eye and mind yields an interpretation in your creation that makes his creation a true work of art."
-Jason Long

Oracle, Mobile AL