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Why a PMVN Lyric Video?

Our  Personal  Touch

Not only do we have experience producing quality video products for musicians and recording artists of all genres, our staff is filled active and formal band members of said genres. We understand music first, that sets us aside from other companies like us.  It is our PROMISE to deliver material that encapsulates not only the story behind the lyrics but also the tone, reflection, delivery and impact of the music as a whole!


Our  Prices

Shop around... Video production, animation and editing is not cheap. From a bunch of underground artists to another; WE GET IT! We have something to offer for all budgets. If you have $50 or $500 we can and will work with you.  We understand money is tight for underground artists and we are committed to accommodating all budget sizes.


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  • High Quality: PMVN offers cutting edge lyric video design customized specific to your project . None of that cookie cutter "pick em, stick em" production standards used by the other guys...
  • Low Prices: We quote our lyric video costs the same as the other companies. Tier based costs totaled by the amount of custom scenes and assets needed to be produced for the video as a whole. Only difference... We charge 20-30% LESS!
  • Quality/Design Control: We offer multiple previews during and between production stages  to ensure the proper revisions are made to meet your specs.
  • All Genres: Doesn't matter if you are in a satanic death metal band or fairy cos play pop punk band.. WE DO IT ALL! *



Pop and mainstream based acts stand a high provability of receiving large amounts of dark, disturbing and downright gory scene material in their production. BLOOD.... Lots of blood. Viewers discretion is ill-advised

How It Works!

Don't feel like reading through all of this?

Call us! We'll walk you through it over the phone.

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2. Project Call:

Once a call or chat has been scheduled, we can move forward with discussing the project in detail. It is at this point that we will establish a design path, set a turn around schedule and quote the costs.  Once the business part is done we will assign the right motion graphics designer and let you know what we need to get started.

4. Project Status

Review\Design Control:

At multiple points during the production stage you will receive short samples from your designer to ensure we are on the right path. From the feedback we receive, we will either continue the project with the current design flow or make requested revisions.  We want to ensure you are getting the video you want. Don't be shy, let us know what you think.

3. Project Schedule Retainer:

Now that we know what we are creating, the quote has been established and a designer has been assigned, its time to lock your project into our production schedule! This is done by placing a down payment or retainer. The retainer is 50% of the total quoted price. *  All payments are made via PAYPAL and you will receive an invoice by email.


5. Project Completion & Final Payment

Once all requested revisions have been made and video is complete you will be notified by your designer. You will be given the final invoice, once second half of the quoted price has been received, we will release the content package containing all media agreed upon.  This can include the following


  • Full HD Video(s) -at agreed upon specs)
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Final receipt

1. Obtaining A Quote:

Simply click the [REQUEST A QUOTE!] button and fill out the simple form. Once we have received the request we will contact you by your preferred method and schedule a call or chat to further discuss your project.


Different video sharing and

social media platforms have

different rendering specs required.

Be sure to let your designer know

where you plan to post your video

 and we will render multiple

copies to meet those specs at



**Once the 50% retainer has been submitted the customer has 3 days to cancel the order. Once we are 3 days into production the retainer becomes non-refundable. We will not under any circumstances release ANY of the unfinished production. As a courtesy we will hold your data for 30 days in case you decide to resume the project. After 30 days all data will be purged from our system.





Please SPELL CHECK your lyrics...

Because we won't! We left multiple  spelling & grammatical  errors on this page.

Think of it as a deterrent

from not spell checking..


Q: Can I request a designer?


A: You sure can! Just keep in mind when requesting a dedicated designer you will have to work with them on turn around times. We try to spread work out evenly and this could add to an already heavy work load for said designer.

Q: What are the turn around times for a video?


A: That honestly depends on multiple factors. Current work load, level of production requested, amount of additional media included and length of the track.

The average Lyric video package typically turns around in 7-12 business days.

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Q: What format should I send the Lyrics in?


A: Preferably a plain .txt file. However you can also simply type then into an email. Below are a few rules of thumb to remember. Following these could expedite production time for your project.


  • Separate verses and chorus and number appropriately.
  • For songs that are lyric heavy (Like RAP) break the verses down into 2 or 4 bar sections.
  • SPELL CHECK!!! You need to spell check.. WE WILL NOT! We will assume any misspelling to be intentional and it will be added to the video as sent.

Q: What do you need from me, to get started?


A: The lyrics and the audio file are all that is needed. If you have any additional media you would like included, ensure to let your designer know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a discount on a lyric video?


A: During your initial consultation, ask the production manager about Co-Branding and referral opportunities. However discounts may not always be available.

Q: What can I have included in the video?


A: Absolutely anything you already have! Photos, logos, video footage, memes. If you want it included, let your designer know and send the files! Email the files or links to the file to Make the subject line is the purchase number on your invoice.

(ex. PMVN_LV000123)


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